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Building a Culture of Donor Love

on May 18, 2016

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On May 11th 2016 I was fortunate enough to take part in the #DonorLove Rendezvous in Toronto. The concept was a fundraising conference that would be fun, inspirational, and creative. Speakers who talk with you not at you, idea-sharing and networking, and break-out sessions that address your needs with practical advice.

Alongside Gwen Chapman, Sheena Greer and Sarah Lyon, I helped facilitate some small discussion groups on the topic of “How to Build a Culture of Donor Love in Your Organization.”

As a follow-up to the discussion, we’ve distilled the main themes and some great ideas. You can read them all here. Please, use and share!


This post was by Brock Warner. Currently in Toronto, Brock works to foster and place value on philanthropy, no matter the size of gift. As a fundraising professional, Brock values the ‘how’ as much as the ‘how much’ and to see our hard work be a catalyst for positive change. Connect with him on Twitter at @BrockWarner or on LinkedIn.

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